Man leaning on wall thinking how to cure his erection problems and fix his impotence permanently

What should I do now?

Welcome to Chapter 2

I was in my 20s and not able to perform sexually. What a mess in my life. My confidence plummeted to Zero. I was feeling anyhow earth will crack open and guzzle me up. I was lost. My bright outlook on life was shattered to pieces. I didn’t want this. 

I was confused. Lost. And sad. But I got myself together, I accepted that I had big problems, and I then started thinking about how to get out of it. What could I possibly do to overcome my problems? 

All my dreams got shattered and I had zero outlook for life. I am a healthy man and couldn't get enough hardness. What a shame.I don't drink or smoke and then also I am suffering from this. I was getting into depression.  My life got messed up because of this problem. When I was trying to masturbate, I was not getting hard to the fullest. I got panicked and rushed to a doctor. He said that it is normal and he prescribed me cialis (tadalafil) and said it is just your mental issue. No physical. I thought he is right but this problem never got solved. Now I wanted to know more about this problem so I started educating myself.

Man searching the internet to find a permanent solution of erectile dysfunction and fix impotence.

My first call for knowledge was obviously INTERNET. I searched umpteenth Blogs, articles, websites, research studies, news stories, etc and grasped every relevant piece I could find.

The internet is full of random information of all sorts all sorts of things affects your sexual life like no exercise, diet, sleep, daily routine etc. And it was evident that doctors have less researched on ED in young patients and often it is ignored but ED is prevalent in youngs too.

 I spent hours and hours in a discussion forum for erectile dysfunction to absorb as much information I possibly could. I bought books to continue my learning process. I checked out online videos. I found lots of suggestions about foods to eat to combat these problems. I also found information about other herbal supplements, exercises and other lifestyle changes, including exercise, smoking, drinking, etc. 

This quest for the solution turned out to be time consuming and energy guzzler and I was devoting most of my time on this subject and left with little room to do other activities in life.

Man consulting a doctors because of erection problems and not able to sustain the proper erection

Now after 3 months of this problem and having sense of suicide and also having sense of not a full man I visited a famous doctor of our city whose posters are everywhere in the city kolkata Dr. G***A and was quite sure that he will solve my problem.

This doctor looted me a lot. I did diagnosis from his clinic for 6 months and got nothing in result. I lost about Rs 70000 and benefited nothing. One of the review of this doctor in the practo website is below

The doctor is money minded,
He has done a lot study still for any issue gives ayurvedic medicine. You will not get that medicine anywhere else not even Google will be able to find the medicine he gives, also all ayurvedic medicine he refer,he use to keep at his own clinic. The fee is more than Rs 1000 and calls you every week and every week u need to pay same amount. Visit him if you want to spend Rs 8000 monthly and lose your hope.

One thing they do very well that's Fake advertising.
The first thing they will ask u is how u know them.
Good luck with your 8000*6 or 7 (that's month)

He gave me 10 weeks shock therapy in my penis. It is something like a machine is fitted in penis and they give some electric shock to awake the tissues. It does not work. And he prescribed 2 ayurvedic medicines, one was Rs 1200 for 30 tablets and second one was Rs 2500 for 30 tablets which he only sells and you cannot buy outside. I found those tablets online after exhaustive search and it was really very cheap on Rs 450 for 30 tablets. They were looting us from every corner. Really these doctors are money minded and care a damn for you.

(I will tell you about that ayurvedic medicine below)

Man seating beside river and trying to figure out to cure impotence by taking the ED pills

Year 2016

Now, after getting no result from above doctor, I decide to leave his diagnosis. I went to other famous doctors of the city and doctors of big hospitals like Fortis, Apollo etc but everyone said the same thing, this is a psychological ED not physical and gave me same viagra and cialis tablets which I never bought. 

As of then, I got the temporary solution, gulping the ayurvedic medicine which I found online and getting a strong erection for 24 hours. It was a miracle really. I was flying above the sky and thought of adjusting my life as it is with this miraculous medicine. I decided that I will take this medicine for life time and will never look back in my life.

Meanwhile, I got a girlfriend and whenever my girlfriend confirms that she is coming to my house, I used to gulp an ayurvedic medicine and it worked. I was always rock hard solid and used to have sex for about six times in a day. That medicine was really incredible. I enjoyed every moment of my life and was started living a stress less life. That medicine became the part and parcel of my life.

Drugs very often only treat the symptoms, not the underlying cause of the illness. For instance with erectile dysfunction, drugs can help a man get an erection, but they do nothing to cure the underlying problem. Therefore, patients often become dependent on these drugs to treat the symptoms for the rest of their lives, but the problem is still there.

However I took the ayurvedic medicine for 1.5 years and it worked wonders but gradually with time the efficiency of the medicine started dwindling. That is the time I said to myself " It is time for a change. "

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