Time for a change to figure out and solve the erectile dysfunction from the root and cellular level

It Was Time for a Change

Welcome to Chapter 3

Till now all those ayurvedic drugs was working astonishingly fine. I was quite complacent that it is working and my activeness to find the actual cause of the problem slipped back in my mind. I was quite reluctant now to find ultimate cure.

It continued till drugs effectiveness started diminishing day be day and I had to use higher dose each time to compensate the effectiveness of drug. I started using allopathic drugs too instead of ayurvedic medicine. After some time, my struggle came back . My body keeps on building resistance to these drugs and then reached a point where I was stranded in the middle but drug was not there to support me any further. My delightful moment started vanishing and I stepped back to the point  where I have started.


Say No to Viagra and Other PDE5 Medicines.No viagra anymore and No cialis anymore and No tadalafil.

From August 2016 to September 2017

It was time to solve all my problem of life at once. Now for me the temporary workaround and Quick fixes was NO NO. I wanted and needed to find a sustainable long-term solution. I was desperate to solve – permanently – what was wrong with me. I have decided not to take pharmaceutical drugs again because it's dose was keep of increasing and so the side effects too.

My first call for knowledge was obviously again INTERNET.. I was insanely searching for a solution to shun off my problem forever. My life again derailed when I found out in one of the blog that this problem is not going go ever. I was again depressed and started thinking of suicidal methods.My mental condition started deteriorating. Meanwhile, my parents were convincing me to get married soon and I was in this maze of life to decide what to do. I went frenzy over to find the solution which was my number one priority at that time.

Suicide because of erectile dysfunction and impotence.Man committing suicide because of no erection.

Now, after getting no result from tablets, I decided to leave my own diagnosis aside. I went to other famous doctors also of big hospitals like Fortis, Apollo etc but everyone repeated the same thing, this is a psychological ED not physical and gave me same viagra and cialis tablets which I never bought.  I visited a doctor and after huge hue and cry, I convinced him to prescribe me a test to find out real reason. He suggested PENILE DOPPLER TEST which can be done in 

Quadra Medical Services Pvt. Ltd in Ballygunge or EKO diagnostics.

which I never did.  

Problem still persist but now I have lost my feelings and strength that I will ever be able to overcome from this problem.

I decided to take the things on my own hands and tried some ayurvedic and allopathic medicines which I use during sex. I have shared name of medicines under page "Things I have tried"

I fanatically searched day and night about the solution because it was the question of do or die. I got a link which was claiming to cure any sorts of Man's sexual problems in some months. That was an ayurvedic clinic based out in Uttarpradesh. As I was weak and fragile and was easily manipulative that time. I dived into their ploy and ordered medicine through courier.  That claimed that it is weakness of penile nerves and he has already couriered medicines and massage oil. But as I expected, it never worked. If problem is internal, these superficial medicines won't work. I was again hopeless, pathless and demotivated. Those were the darkest period of my life.I felt like committing suicide.

Man having Penile Doppler ultrasound test for erection problem & find cause of erectile dysfunction

October 2017

I became lunatic and was insanely searching for a little hope. Once again I visited several doctors of my city and cried in front of them but no one was ready to accept that I have the problem.At this time my erection was very weak and even when I was masturbating, It remains flaccid.I felt like my penis has lost sense. I was even reluctant to masturbate. No sex, No hope nothing.   

I started making changes to my daily life routine. I changed my habits. One by one.I improved my sleeping time and I tried to sleep more. I made a very conscious effort not to get stressed in stressful situations and relax more. I changed my eating habits. I experimented with a plethora of herbal remedies and other sexual health supplements, I tried excecises like swimming, running, gym.  I even tried penis exercises such as jelquing and Kegel exercises. I even massaged my testicles. however nothing worked out.

Then I decided not to shy away and find out the underlying reason of ED by PENILE DOPPLER TEST. I gathered some guts and took the doctor's prescription and booked an appointment. I was feeling little melancholy . (I will explain about this test in detail on my other page). I was expecting that this test will figure out some problem in my penis like "Venous leakage" but nothing revealed. I burst out of in anger and pain. Nothing was working and I accepted that I will be a loner all my life. I wished somehow to die.

God giving hope to man for fighting against erection problems and showing a permanent solution of ED

Eureka!!!!!!!!!! Finally Some Hope

When the whole universe was against me and wanted to destroy me.By God's Grace I saw a little beacon of hope striking my eyes. coincidentally, I was browsing to eradicate this issue from beneath and was lucky enough to find a NEWS article which reflected a little hope in my mind.

I realized that  I am on the edge of finding a solution to my sexual problems. I felt as if I was close to figure out erectile dysfunction. The article stated " 

Finally, this could be my solution. I exclaimed with joy.