How to know if you have Erectile Dysfunction or impotence or which type of erectile dysfunction?

How to know if I have erectile Dysfinction?


is on the rise and is rampant in all the age group.Researchers believe that about half of the men between age 40 to 70 and at least one quarter of younger men are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Few men would like to talk about their bedroom problems but most suffer in isolation. Impotence can cost relationship problems and self dignity. It will plummet the self confidence and sufferer will no longer feel like a fully man.

Fortunately, trouble in the bedroom doesn't necessarily mean you're dealing with erectile dysfunction. There are some instance when man could not perform well, and it does not mean that he is having major sexual problem.  Most men will have problems with an erection at some point in their life. So how can we you know that you are dealing with erectile dysfunction.

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Step by Step process to identify erectile dysfunction

Early sign of impotence like
Reduced desire of sex
Unable to achieve erection or maintain erection

Signs of erectile dysfunction

Getting aroused and getting an erection is a very intricate process. All your emotions, nerves, blood vessels, blood, brain, hormones and muscles have to work in synergy to help us get and keep an erection. If any of the factors fails to achieve it's job, it can cause some kind of dysfunction.

It is important to note that our mental and physical heath both are important to arouse us and have an erection. Stress and depression plays with our sexual arousal ability and ultimately it results in a failed sexual act.

I will break down the major symptoms of erectile dysfunction as below :-

1. Reduced desire of sex or libido

2. Unable to achieve penetrative erection

3. Unable to maintain erection

Types of erectile dysfunction or impotence
Psychological impotence
Physical impotence

Types of erectile Dysfunction

 What I have understood till now as per my experience is that there are 2 types of ED. 


1. Psychological - If someone is stressed, depressed or had some sexual trauma so this occurs occasionally. Like if someday due to some stress or fatigue you loose your erection while performing on bed, you will be panicked and think again that you may loose your erection when I will perform next time. If you think that you will loose your erection, definitely you will loose next time.

This become a whimsical cycle and as we all know SEX starts with brain and if you have anxiety not sex in your brain, you will loose erection.

This happened to me 2 times when I was young during exam papers.  This is normal and will be cured automatically when one will gain his confidence back.


man is depressed finding out about that his impotence is caused by physical reason

 2. Physical - This is worrisome if you have this physical cause of ED.

There are so many players in body like brains, hormones, blood vessels etc etc which contribute to erection and it is really difficult to find out the real reason of the problem. Some of the common causes are:-

Heart disease


Clogged Blood vessels


But there are so many other unknown causes which our science has not yet discovered and which affects the young population severely because they do not suffer from any major illness which may result to ED.

Now we can bifurcate physical erectile dysfunction as per below category:-

1. Not able to achieve full erection - There are numerous causes of it but the main cause which plays vital role is that blood vessels which carries blood to penis got damaged or got hardened or blood vessel clogged

2. Not able to maintain the erection -  One vital reason of this issue could be venous leakage which cannot allow blood to be hold during erection thus man looses his erection early.

Checklist to sort out impotence category

ways to find out or determine cause of psychological erectile dysfunction or impotence

Now you will ask which is my category?

Below are the some checklist which will give you an insight about which category of erectile dysfunction you are suffering from.

Ask yourself these below questions and if answer is YES then you fall under psychological category.


1. Am I getting fully erect morning woods? if Yes then I may have psychological ED

2. Am i getting enough penetrative erection while masturbation? If yes, you might have psychological ED

3. Am I getting full erection while sex but I loose my erection because I worry about loosing it? If answer is YES, then it could be psychological ED.

If you have psychological ED, then you might need some counselling from doctor or just gain confidence by yourself or just call me.

See the point is that if you are getting full erection ever either in morning woods or during masturbation, you could have psychological ED because physical erectile dysfunction restricts normal blood flow to penis during erection and you will never get full erection i.e it will be semi hard or not penetrative erection. So if you are getting normal hard erection ever, you must have mental ED.

Ways to find out or determine the cause of physical erectile dysfunction or impotence

Ask yourself these below questions to find out you fall under physical category. 


1. Am i getting full hard erection during sleep or we say morning woods? If answer is NO then you may have physical cause of impotence.

2. Am i getting full long erection during masturbation? if answer is NO then you may have physical ED

3. I don't have any stress in life but still I loose my erection during sex? If answer is YES then you could have physical ED.

4. I am getting erection during sex or during masturbation but I am not able to hold it for long time? If answer is YES then you may have physical cause of ED.

The whole point here is that in physical cause of ED, person is not able to achieve full erection because of his physical limitations thus cause semi rigid erections or no erection. 

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