Man not able to perform on bed and have erection problems.This indicates the sign of impotence.

My First Encounter With Erectile Dysfunction

Hello my ED brethren,


Erectile Dysfunction is nightmare for any man. Being able to sexually active is sign of youthfulness and manhood. Though ED is inevitable for anyone and it is a normal ageing process but now a days, it is found that young people are also terribly affected by this problem.

So evidently, this is not the problem for old age people. It is a problem for young one's too and it is really suicidal.

THIS SITE IS FOR ALL ED PATIENTS who suffer from this disastrous problem and not being able to share their pain with anyone and I was the one of them.

If you are the one who is facing the same anguish which I am facing, so welcome to my site.

I am Abhay, age 28 years from India. I am one of those young Indian male who was struggling with the erectile dysfunction from October 2015. I am narrating my story on this site to share my feelings, struggles and challenges which I have faced till now and also to know what you have suffered and done to overcome this problem.

I do not need to introduce ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION as you are already well aware of this problem and I believe you have done proper investigation. I would like to share my side of understanding of this problem.

Man living a happy life and have a positive outlook towards life.

Year 2015


I was leading a good healthy life till October 2015. I am a graduate and working with a prestigious MNC. I had a good, satisfying and high earning job and was enjoying my life to fullest.

I had a girlfriend in the past but eventually we broke up after so many years of relationship. So in 2015 all of the sudden one day without any clue this problem started.

Actually earlier also in some rare occasions, I was not able to get firm erection during sex but it was mostly during exam times when I was in college or when I was under huge stress. So, this accounts for the psychological cause of ED and is very normal.

My break up was not very smooth because I was cheated by my ex and was in huge despair. I met her and stayed with her for some days to reconcile and to patch up. That time too,I was not getting proper erection during intimacy and it could be because of mental stress. I knew the reason could be broken trust and afraid of loosing her. But ultimately, we broke up and this poignant memories of not having proper erection remained in some corner of my mind.

So after 1 year of breakup in June 2015, I met this beautiful girl from my office and we got cozy with each other.It was kind of infatuation towards her and I was very attracted to her sexually.

One fine day while we were talking over phone and she replied, "I am thinking of coming over your place for coffee". I was so delighted and excited and I even prepared my bed ready for dishoom dishoom. BUT.......

Man embarrassed and sad because of his first encounter with erectile dysfunction and erection issue

See, the thing is that I was getting hard whenever I was excited, but that time when I looked down, I was limp, flaccid and totally dead, no erection. I thought what?? what is happening? What is this? This has to be hard and firm because that gorgeous girl could arrive anytime soon and what if my tool will not work. I was so worried and stressed that I called her back and made some excuses to not to come to my home.

That is the time when I freaked out. I was speechless, numb and dumbfounded. It was like my man-hood is snatched away. I wasn’t even acting like a boy. My confidence was shattered to pieces. It was awkward. So much awkward. And embarrassing. I immediately searched online for a doctor and rushed to consult to him. 

Doctor tried to relaxed me by saying not to worry and it is because panicked and it happens generally. This is all psychological and he prescribed me cialis to gain some confidence for next sexual session and consoled that I have no erection problem. I never knew if erectile dysfunction really exist in real world and this was my first encounter with it.

Man sitting on beach hopeless and helpless after finding out that he has erection problems

I believed that it would be a one-time event. But it wasn’t. It was keep on happening to me again and again. 

It took me some days to realized that this in not psychological problem but actually I am suffering from what is thought to be old age problem ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION or IMPOTENCE.

I was hopeless and helpless because erection problems cannot be revealed openly and we cannot share it with friend and colleagues too. I am a healthy man who used to exercise regularly and maintain healthy diets. I used to boast my virility to my sex partners which flew away from me.

I was so desperate to find a solution for my sexual problem. I was just a shadow now. I stopped smiling. I stopped eating and sleeping and I was just thinking about my Manhood all day. I was so worried that I decided I will be all alone in this life and would never have a partner beside me.

I was perplexed with my erection trouble which my life has convened. I could not find out the exact root cause of the issue which could be either brain or body or something else which is not working properly.

This is how my journey started. The journey which guzzled up my more than 3 years. The journey that put me through despair, complete confusion, utter frustration, anger, but also hope, joy and strength. The journey that leads me in finding a permanent solution. And a journey which in the end enabled me to overcome my problems.