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I have successfully found a solution

Welcome to Chapter 4

Probably the one thing I have learned from my years long ordeal is that our body is like a machine which is very complex, complicated and sophisticated. Our body needs constant denting painting and maintenance and any factor can affect the optimal working of our body. Our body is delicate which needs care and attention regularly.

There are so many different factors which affects our body and may be those factors acts as villain for our body and it goes imbalance. We need proper sleep, eating habits and healthy diet to keep our body constantly working. I am going a reveal a solution which is mostly obscured from the society and still is the best solution till now and that is "STEM CELL THERAPY" (Read about stem cell in "About" section)

Erectile dysfunction Stem cell therapy restores sexual function in phase I trial and fix permanently

From October 2017 to January 2018

When I read the news article that "Erectile dysfunction: Stem cell therapy restores sexual function in phase I trial" I got so excited and instantly read the whole article.Scientist were claiming that it could be the long term solution to restore sexual function. They claimed that in trail 1, they have injected stem cells derived from patient's own fat cells or bone marrow cells and it restored their sexual function up to 100%. I was spellbound by this news and was very curious to know what this magic cells are and found numerous articles about this. Though stem cell is nascent technology, it's capabilities are yet to be studied well. I started digging the internet and found so many meaningful and useful blogs and it's benefits. I made this my life goal to fully understand this technology from ground up and to find how I can leverage it for my own. These exploration and research took my next 2 months and I gathered enough knowledge about Stem cells. My next target was to find the Stem cells therapy centers in India.

Man undergoing Stem cell therapy for permanently curing the erectile dysfunction from cellular level

January 2018

I broke the internet in finding the Stem cells therapy centers in India and found countless centers mushroomed across all over the India and yet no one knows or care. I shortlisted few famous centers of India and started calling them. I got few responses and I inquired about my issues, efficacy of solution, Procedure and of course total cost of treatment.I selected one and visited them and had the therapy done. I was little confused and doubtful. The doctor told me that it will take approx 3 months to start recover and I will feel the changes by myself. So I came back home hoping for a magical result.

Couple are  happy after having a good sexual life after fixing impotence permanently & without pills

After January 2018

I was hoping with great excitement that this treatment will solve my problem and I will be able to lead a normal life and the miracle started happening. I really thank god for helping me out from a deep abyss. After 3 months of treatment, I started getting medium hard random erection without any logic. This was relatively normal when I was young but this was something which I haven't experienced for so long. I could really feel some changes inside my body as if everything had rejuvenated from cellular level. I started noticing the erection regularly. I was not habituated of random erection which was happening anytime plus I was also getting erection whenever I was little excited like checking out some sexy pictures of girls. This was really incredible changes. Though the erections were not up to that standard level but I was relieved that I am getting some result. 

This treatment continuously yielded fruitful results for months and my erection quality was getting better with every passing days. I started getting strong morning woods after about 5 months and after about 6 months, whenever I was getting excited, I started getting strong erection that too with full hardness. Now it's been so many months and I thank my Sai baba and  all my gods for giving me a proper light of guidance at the time of total despair. I may have committed suicide if my gods would have not helped me. Now I don't have any issue at all and I am able to get proper strong erection without any medicine.

I got married and I am leading a happy married life.

Man praying and thanking god for giving hope in solving the impotence and fixing sexual problems.

Believe in God. Never back down.

I am delighted to share my success story to all my brothers who are in despair because of this sexual problem. What I have understood is that our body is very complex and each second there are so many small and large processes are continuously executing within our body. Our cells are also dying and regenerating every second and sometime because of some factors which is not understandable at this moment, these cells started working abnormally and it results in weakening of our tissue. Stem cells replace those dead cells and make that died tissue alive and thus rejuvenating the bodily function. This is a exceptional discovery in recent years and is way to go in future.

When I searched online that if Stem cell could cure erectile dysfunction, I could not find any real time credible source of experience to confirm the same so I decided to share my happiness with you people and guide you to the path of normal life.

I am here to help all the man who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and not able to have sex

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