Various Treatments of erectile dysfunction available in market and there satisfaction levels.

Treatments of Erectile Dysfunction

There are various factors which affects the  erection qualities viz psychological or physical. Also age plays a pivotal role in your sex drives and performance in bed. There are some unknown causes of erectile dysfunction which are not well understood by the doctors too like when it happens to a young healthy man who doesn't have any serious health issue.

As per the reports, our erection qualities says a lot about our body health and if someone is not able to have proper erection, it could be because of some serious health problem. So, it is always advisable to consult doctors who will examine you properly before recommending treatment which will be effective in your case.

I have tried to cover all the treatment options available as of now, both traditional methods and modern new remedies.

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Treatment Options

Medication or drugs which cause erectile dysfunction and impotence.Erection problem by pills & drugs

Avoid some medication

There are certain medicines which may cause erectile dysfunction.These drugs may interfere with the erection process thus result in ED. If you are using some of these drugs, it is better to consult doctor and ask for some alternative.

Below are the classes of drugs which could cause impotence and erection problems:-

1. Diuretics and High Blood pressure drugs

2. Antidepressant and anti anxiety drugs

3.  Muscle relaxants

4. Prostate Cancer Drugs

5. Chemotherapy drugs

6. Nervous system stimulants 

7. Some painkillers

8. Parkinson disease medicines 

9. Antihistamine medicines

10. Recreational drugs like alcohol, cocaine

11. Others

Satisfaction Level - 3.2/4

Doctor and psychiatrist counseling couple for sexual issues and psychological erectile dysfunction.


ED can sometimes be caused by psychological problems such as:-

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Performance anxiety
  • Relationship issue

Sometimes ED can be combination of both Physical and psychological problem like if somebody has physical cause of erection problem and this will affect his mental health thus worsen to achieve erection during next intercourse.

First of all, person has to identify his impotence type i.e physical or psychological and then try to search for the treatment. If someone is suffering from psychological cause of ED, then there are below actions you can take

  • Talk to ED counselors
  • Visit psychologist/Psychiatrist
  • Talk to Therapist
  • Get help from sexual coaches

Satisfaction Level - 2.8/4

Herbal Ayurvedic treatments of erectile dysfunction and impotence.Herbal Viagra for weak erection

Herbal/Ayurvedic Supplements

It has been observed that there are some herbal and ayurvedic medicines and supplements which increases blood supply to penile region and may give good and firm erection. Though Herbal supplements are effective for mild ED problems and may not be very satisfactory for severe cases. 

Below are the some herbal supplements which you can try:-

  • Ginko Biloba
  • Ginseng
  • Horny goat Weed
  • L-Arginine
  • Pycnogenol
  • L-Citrulline 
  • Tribulus
  • Maca roots
  • Yohimbe
  • Vitamins
  • Zinc
  • HERBAL/AYURVEDIC VIAGRA (I have tried some and it works great)

You may search online about the aforementioned supplements on net. There are various sites which may guide you about it's effectiveness, procedure and quantity to take.

Satisfaction Level - Varies for different supplements

Oral medication PDE5 Inhibitors Viagra, Cialis and levitra for impotence and erection problems.

Oral Medication (PDE5 Inhibitors)

This is the most popular medication used and available in the world which has given hope to mankind and gave some relief to people suffering from impotence. These pills increases the blood flow and traps the blood in penis. These medication are most effective for mild to moderate ED. However, there are certain side effects of this medicines like headache, nausea, stuffy nose etc.

  • Viagra
  • Cialis
  • Levitra

These are easily available online and anyone can buy it from those websites.

Satisfaction Level - 3.2/4

vacuum or penis pump used for erectile dysfunction or impotence. A cock ring is used to trap blood.

Penis Pumps (Vacuum Pumps)

A penis pump is a plastic tube that is put over the penis. Now air is drawn out of the tube thus causing vacuum in tube. This causes blood to rush in the penis and inflate it. Then a cock ring is used to prevent blood from flowing back.

Penis pump is effective if you have blood circulatory problem or nerves damaged. It is not the best solution available because of it's clumsy to use and also usually people don't get firm erection sufficient for penetration. People have reported that it is uncomfortable and painful to use penis pump.

There are various types of penis pumps available online and anyone can buy if after checking the rating.

Satisfaction Level - 2.2/4

Penile injections such as trimix,Bimix or papaverine is injected directly into penis for erection

Penile Injection

It is also called  intracavernosal injection (ICI) therapy. In this therapy, drugs such as trimix,Bimix or papaverine is injected directly into penis shaft which trigger some chemical signals and inflate the penis with blood. Syringe used in this therapy is same like people use in diabetes which is having small needle.

It is mostly effective for those people who do not response to oral medication. It has given good success rate about more than 80%.

However, this method is very uncomfortable and cumbersome. It has side effects too like injecting too much of drug may cause priapism, a condition where blood remain trapped in penis for long hours which cause permanent damaged of erectile tissues. If such condition arises,patient should immediately take medical help who will drain the blood out of penis.Be cautious, injection should never be combined with oral medication.

Satisfaction Level - 3.3/4

A penis muse or suppository is inserted to urethra for erection for those suffering from impotence

Penile Suppositories

It is made up of same chemical composition but rather than injecting it into penis, a small suppository is inserted into penis from urethra

Satisfaction level - 3.3/4

Penile surgery for blocked arteries,venous leakage and arteries reconstruct for erectile dysfunction

Penile Surgery

This also a treatment options for those people who have problem with their circulatory system. Surgery is generally used for below mentioned problems

  • To clear the blocked arteries
  • To repair the venous leakage or blocking the veins which drains the blood out of penis
  • Reconstruct the arteries in penis to increase blood flow

Though, this is a good treatment option but it is useful in only some specific cases.

Satisfaction Level - 3.8/4

Lifestyle changes to improve the blood circulation in body and thus helping in fixing impotence

Lifestyle Changes

Our erection is totally depended on the supply of blood to the penis. If a person is suffering from any blood circulatory problem, then this could be the cause of erectile dysfunction. Any hindrance is blood flow may cause impotence, especially in older men. Lifestyle changes may improve the overall blood circulation in body and make the body healthy and sound.This requires a lots of dedication and commitment. Lifestyle changes may increase the effectiveness of other treatments, and have the added benefit of improving your overall health. 

Changes to be considered:-

  • Healthy diet - Eating food rich in minerals, vitamins, fibers and nitric oxide. Have a hearth healthy diet which is less in cholesterol and limit the meat consumption.
  • Exercise especially cardio vascular exercises
  • Stop smoking
  • Limiting alcohol
  • Loosing weight

Some patients find that changes to their lifestyle do not give the degree of improvement they expect. Also, many men have difficulty sticking with the changes.

Satisfaction Level - 2.8/4

kegel or pelvic floor exercise used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for erectile dysfunction

Kegel Exercise

Also called as pelvic floor exercise used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. It's been claimed that kegel exercise may treat some cases of erectile dysfunction.This exercise is an excellent way to cure urinary incontinence.

To perform this exercise, you have to squeeze pelvic muscles, hold it for 10 seconds and then release the muscles. Repeat this 10 to 20 times, two or three times a day. 

This exercise can be performed lying down, seated, standing, knees up.

However, getting benefits out of kegel exercise needs long time commitment and dedication.

Satisfaction Level - 2.1/4

Penile implant like semi rigid,two or three piece treatment for erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Penile Implants

A penile implant is consist of inflatable chamber which is inserted into penis through a surgery and it replaces the corpora cavernosa. A small pump which is located in scrotum is used to inflate and deflate the implant thus producing erection.

Implant does not require to get excited to gain an erection and require no planning or preparation before engaging in sex. It allow men to have erection as often and as long as they wish.  

Many men find the recovery painful.  Patients using inflatable implants may also experience pain the first few times the implant is inflated.

There are 3 types of implants:-

  1. Semi Rigid (Malleable) penile implants
  2. Two piece inflatable penile implants
  3. Three piece inflatable penile implants

Implants have the highest rate of satisfaction. In has been found that 91-97% patients are satisfied with this treatment which is highest in all the ED treatment available. This treatment is advisable for those man who is suffering from severe ED and all the treatment has failed for him.

Satisfaction Level - 3.9/4

Person having testosterone deficiency may suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone plays a vital role in gaining an erection and also in libido. Erection is a complex process and testosterone is required for it. A person who has testosterone deficiency may suffer from weak erections.

A testosterone dose is generally advised by the doctor for the person suffering from low testosterone. Patient has to undergo testosterone level test to ascertain if he has deficiency or not.

Satisfaction Level - 3/4

Vitamins or zinc deficiency may cause erectile dysfunction or impotence so pills are used to cure it

Vitamins and Zinc

Specific vitamins or zinc may be administered if the patient has a vitamin or zinc deficiency that is causing or contributing to ED. These minerals plays a big role to keep body and all process healthy and any imbalance may result in loosing erection.

Satisfaction Level - 3/4

Penis ring or cock ring worn around the penis to restrict blood flow from penis for impotence or ED

Penis Ring (Cock rings)

Penis ring is a rubber band which is placed over the erect penis to restrict the drainage of blood from penis. This is very efficient if a person has venous leakage and is able to get erection but not able to maintain it for long time required for sex session.

There are various types of cock ring available in the market and it has to be placed in penis base right after the erection occurs.

Man should be cautious using it and should not be wore for more than 20 minutes because it may damage the penile nerves and may also result in a condition called prispism which will permanently damage the structure and erection capacity.

Satisfaction Level - 3.1/4

New and experimental treatment option for erectile dysfunction and impotence.It may cure permanently

New Treatment options for erectile dysfunction

Currently available treatments for erectile dysfunction have been unchanged for essentially 20 years. Now there is need for new and permanent treatment of impotence.None of the current available treatment cure the ED, it simply treat the symptoms. It is estimated that 150 million men around the world are suffering from ED. These new and improved treatment option gives a hope to the people whose life is devastated because of erectile dysfunction and they can lead a happy sexual life there after. 

Below mentioned treatments are new and available to public while some are still in development stage. If these new treatments prove safe and effective, they may become mainstream in a few years.

Have a look to below mentioned treatment and decide by yourself if they are going to change the treatment options in future.

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There are broadly 2 types of ED;-

1. Psychological ED

2. Physical ED

If you are confused which kind of erectile dysfunction you have, kindly check the link below.

Gene therapy may treat erectile dysfunction in men who do not respond to pills such as Viagra.

Gene Therapy

It is a nascent technology and still in its infancy. It has proved to be very effective in its clinical trials.Unlike other treatment, gene therapy focuses on Nitric Oxide development which is responsible for smooth muscles relaxation and thus cause erection.

This therapy address various factors which causes ED such as nitric oxide levels, and regenerating smooth muscles, blood vessels and nerves.

In phase 1 trial, 11 men who have failed other treatment have undergone gene transfer and have showed restorative effect after treatment. These men had normal sexual function for six months and then went back to the way they were, so scientist have reported that two doses per year will be enough to have a proper satisfying sexual life. Patients have not reported any abnormalities after gene transfer after 2 years of follow up with them.

It is estimated to launch the product in the market within two years for public use. 

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment Effectively Treats Erectile Dysfunction (ED) & improve erection

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection Therapy

Another approach that is similar to stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction is called platelet rich plasma (PRP). In this approach, blood is drawn from the veins and using highly advanced centrifugal to remove plasma and to obtain a high concentration of platelets and growth factors. 

This concentrated blood is injected back to the penis which brings stem cells to the penis and promote the development and growth of blood vessels and nerves which in turn improve erectile function.

Evidence suggests PRP promotes the body’s natural healing process and may help tissues in the penis better accept other therapies. There are claims that PRP injection can help in increasing penis size.

This technology is highly promoted as new approach for treating ED but it may need more clinical trails and will take quite some more years to become a mainstream solution.

Stem cell therapy is effective for ED from various causes penile cell tissue damage, and diabetes

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell therapy uses patient's stem cell to cure erectile dysfunction. I  this approach, fat or bone marrow cells are taken from patient'd body and stem cells are harvested from it and then it is injected back to the penis of patient. It has showed promising results in development and growth of blood vessels and nerves. This process is quite similar to PRP therapy and may be in future doctors will combine both the treatment to propose it as an ultimate treatment option.

There are so many clinical trails and papers done on stem cells and in a study involving men who had been through prostate removal, more than half recovered erectile function sufficient for penetrative sex. Other more studies have  suggested positive results too.

This is an encouraging treatment option as of now in all the new treatments available in market.

Shockwave Threapy consists of noninvasive low intensity sound wave that pass through erectile tissue

Shock wave Therapy

Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy or commonly known as Shockwave therapy is showing very promising results. In this treatment, low intensity shockwave is passed through penile area.It is claimed that it restore the erectile function by clearing the plaque deposits on blood vessels and encouraging new blood vessel development.

This treatment is recommended for mild to moderate ED patients. Best part is that it is a non invasive treatment. Each session may last for 20 to 30 minutes, several sessions per week for 6-12 weeks.

Though there is high mixed review of this treatment. Some clinical Trails showed promising results, some were inconclusive and some were discouraging.

Heat-Activated Penile Implant would remain flaccid but heating the implant would cause it to harden

Thermal-activated Shape Memory Penile Implant

Current penile implants are very complicated to install and is prone to mechanical failure. Scientists have developed a heat activated penis exoskeleton which memory metal nitinol which changes its shape with heat applied on it.

So basically, once implanted in penis, it will remain flaccid but by passing an electrical induction device over it, the implant will gets stiffen and hard.

This is a revolutionary treatment which will make implant easy to use and more reliable than current implants. As per current status, this is going severe testing and clinical trails are also happening. It may take some years to come to market for public use.

Topical Gel Seen as Effective New Treatment for Impotence.Overall,67-75% achieved an erection by gel

Topical Ointment

Topical ointments or gels are applied directly to the penis 30-60 minutes prior to intercourse. One gel, Topiglan (1% alprostadil in a formulation with 5% SEPA [soft enhancer of percutaneous absorption])  has shown promising results.

In a trail, it is been reported that 40% men were benefited by topical gel application. Topiglan applied to the glans penis increased penile rigidity and expectations regarding vaginal penetration in patients with erectile dysfunction. Topiglan has entered phase 3 trail and require further clinical trails before hitting the market.

The Priapus Shot helps men with erectile dysfunction achieve firmer, stronger & larger erections

Priapus Shot® and P-Shot®

Priapus Shot® and P-Shot® are registered service marks of Studio Medicine, and refer to their proprietary procedures. This procedure is combination of two treatment PRP Injection and Vacuum Device.

In this treatment, PRP injection is injected into penis and Vacuum pump is used for 10 minutes to ensure the PRP holds into the treatment area, enhancing results.

I am not able to find any proper study or clinical trials which proves its efficacy. Currently this technique is concentrated in few region and yet to be proven in ED treatment world. Unless new research comes to light, I won’t be recommending this treatment to the patients plus it costs about $1500 which is quite expensive to take a chance.

Brazilian wandering spider has a painful bite causes erection that could last for hours & cure ED

Spider Venom

The bite of the Brazilian Wandering Spider (Phoneutria nigriventer) gives enormous pain to the victim and sends them to the hospital. Its venom stimulates an hours-long erection which is the side effect of the bite. Now scientists are testing the PnTx2-6 protein, which has been isolated from the toxin, in order to produce an oral medication.

Current PDE5 inhibitors oral medication restrict the effect of PDE5 which is responsible to flow the blood out of penis. The spider venom works on a different principle; it increases the production of Nitric Oxide (NO), which causes blood to flow into the penis

It may be combined with the PDE5 inhibitors in the future to encourage the efficacy of the oral drug. This will be helpful for those patients who do not respond to current oral medications.

Spider venom has has been extensively tested on rats and it has shown promising results. Human trails are yet to be done.

The application of functional electrical stimulation (FES) has been used treat erectile dysfunction.

Electrical Stimulation

It is being claimed that direct functional electrical stimulation (FES) to the penile area may encourage the blood vessels regeneration and muscles which are responsible for erection.

I have tried this therapy and I has 10 session each lasted for 20 minutes. In my case, it did not shown any positive result at all.  However, there is no clinical evidence that supports this as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. 

Viagra mouth spray produces erection results in just over a minute and remains active for 90 minutes

Viagra Mouth Spray

Researchers have found that sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, delivered in the form of a mouth or nasal spray produces results in just over a minute, a big improvement over the 30 to 60 minutes it now.

Though the effectiveness does not last for over 6-7 hours as in case of oral pills but it gives greater spontaneity and  reportedly remains effective for up to 90 minutes which is enough for a normal sexual session.

Currently, clinical trails are going forward and once this medication is approved, it will be a onset of new kind of viagra in market

Stem cell therapy has permanently cured from erectile dysfunction and it has shown promising results

My Opinion

We have really covered a long journey in the treatment of impotence and will certainly see a bright future ahead. As of now, we have been using same traditional way of treating erectile dysfunction with pills and injections. But with advancement of science and technology, we will see a new age of treatment starting soon with greater benefits.

As of now, apart from older traditional methods like pills, I found Stem cell therapy as good alternative out of new treatment options.

Stem cell therapy has already shown us promising results and with greater positive reviews, it is poised to take over the new treatment option.

Stem cell therapy not only treat from the cellular level but also permanently cure the ED. I have already gone through the Stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction and I have been cured permanently and now i am getting erection like I was in my teen age, spontaneously and frequently.